Note to Self: Don’t Slip on Any Wet Bathroom Floors!

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Sometimes life changes at the drop of a hat. (Or the drop of a person on a wet slippery bathroom floor!)  Everything that you are used to doing becomes nearly impossible. I’m sure we’ve all gone through times like that.

This last week has been like that for me. `I’m not patient with slowing down. I want to go for my 5 km walks. I want to go to yoga and to do weights at the gym. I want to sit at the computer for hours at a time and work on my Costa Rica pictures. I want to bathe my dirty stinky dog! But I can’t. I hate that I can’t. My body hurts.  Originally it was just my arm that turned navy blue and looked ugly. It didn’t hurt much.  My ribs hurt more at that point. Then the shock of the fall hit my back and out it went. Just like that; walking caused me great pain. Now I have whiplash and my neck hurts and my arm is killing me. My back still hurts. And so do my ribs.

That’s a lot of complaining. I know I’ll get better. I know this is temporary. At about the same time as I got hurt someone I know had a baby that is having all kinds of major health problems. This baby may not get better. It puts my problems into perspective. I will get better. I just wish it would happen faster!

We all take our health for granted until something like this happens.

My hope it that by next weekend I can be back in the swing of things and start shooting again. Right now, that would be impossible without some help. I have a friend who offered to help with any babies, so I hope to get started again soon. In the meantime, it’s like this. Do something; heat back and neck, do something else; heat back and neck, etc, etc.

Keeping my fingers crossed on life getting back to “normal” soon!

Here is a gallery of the changes on my arm day by day. There are 1 or 2 pictures taken each day.

Warning: It ain’t pretty!

Please note: I haven’t done any colour correction on these and the difference in colour are due to the differences in available light. The bruise is no longer deep blue and is turning purple, green and yellow, just like it’s supposed to!

One thought on “Note to Self: Don’t Slip on Any Wet Bathroom Floors!

  1. Chris, you are in my thoughts with all those colorful bruise pictures and descriptions of your injury’s progress! Time will heal. You are right, it is hard to be patient, but as you wrote, limitations do help us have empathy with those less fortunate, such as the newborn you wrote about. Take care!

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