Costa Rica4: Samara Beach at Sunset

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I’ve been in Samara the last couple of days. Tomorrow, I’ll be going back to Liberia for my morning flight back home on Tuesday. The fall and resulting bruise have not ruined my holiday but have changed it. I’ve had to rest the arm and slow down the last couple of days. That’s not a bad thing unless you are like me and like to see and do everything when you’re in a new spot. But it’s been okay. Sometimes you just have to change your plans and adapt. The rain forest was my favorite part of this trip. I had never experienced anything like it; a truly amazing experience. Beaches are great and this is a lovely beach town but at the end of the day, a beach is a beach.  The rain forest is something you should see if you get a chance.

Here are some pictures from the sunset today. Unfortunately, the beach faces South, so the sun does not rise or set directly on the water.

Just wondering; do you have a favorite of the pictures that I’ve posted of Costa Rica? Let me know.

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