Angels or can you really tell me it was just a coincidence?

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A few blog posts ago, I wrote a post about my beliefs called What I know for sure.

Part of that post dealt with my belief that there is no such thing as coincidence; that if you look at the happenings in your life, you can see the connectiveness of events. Being aware of so-called coincidences is a first step on the road to seeing things that happen as being too amazing to be random.

I had something happen today that reaffirms my belief in the inter-connectiveness of our lives; the presence of another dimension of being that we can only wonder and guess at.

So what happened? As I wrote yesterday, I fell in the bathroom 3 days ago and hit my arm and ribs on a pointy sink. It hurt a lot and resulted in a massive bruise that stops people in their tracks and and either makes them either gawk or ask me what happened.  The bruise is a lovely shade of blue and goes from my shoulder to my elbow and is actually moving down my arm past my elbow right now. It wraps around 75% of my arm.

Today, I went to an animal refuge spot; a zoo like place where they rehabilitate animals from the wild and then release them when they are  better. There were 5 adults and 2 little kids on the tour. One of the women on the tour asked me about my bruise,  but this time it was more than just curiosity. Turns out she is a nurse. She felt it and told me I needed to see a doctor right away. The bruise was hot and hard and my fingers were going numb. She also knew a doctor in town named Freddy who she thought the world of. I know a lot of nurses and if you ever want to find out about a doctor, I know to ask a nurse. They work with them. They know and Heather, the nurse was a surgical nurse. She had had a bad fall and Freddy had operated on her. She told me he was great and he was. Heather and her husband drove me to his clinic and he took me immediately. I didn’t wait a minute. He looked at me and started me on intravenous cortisone and antibiotics. Once I was hooked up, he  filled in my chart. Yes, he took me with no info on me besides what was I allergic to.  He thought it was that urgent. I was on intravenous for about half an hour and he sent me home with antiobiotics, anti-inflammatories and an anti-inflammatory gel. Guess what all of that cost? Take a guess. It cost $160. That’s all. Plus Freddie wants to see me again on Monday. The worry with something like this is that the infection will spread to another organ like the brain or heart and kill you very quickly.

So what are the chances that I would run into a nurse today when I needed one? Multiply that by the chance of meeting a nurse who knew a  great doctor really well and that the doctor was working on a Saturday. (He was actually about to leave right away and only took me because of the nature of my need.)  It is not a coincidence. It was meant to be like that. It was an angel sending a nurse to help me. It was the Universe looking out for me. And since that is so, I need to trust that everything else in my life will work out as well. It is so.

There is no doubt in my mind about that.

BTW: I was sick of the rain in the rain forest and asked the Universe to stop the rain. It was truly magical. The rain had been pouring really hard and it instantly stopped. Ask Shannon if you don’t believe me. How is that even possible?

These were taken with my iPhone  in the Baldi Hotel and Hot Springs. I love their other worldly look.  I didn’t use  my good camera because of the humidity in the sauna.


One thought on “Angels or can you really tell me it was just a coincidence?

  1. That is an amazing story Chris. It gave me goosebumps. I think we all have a story like that if we think about our lives. I have one dating back to the original Maple Leaf days.

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