A New Vision Board


I originally wrote about vision boards in Feb. of 2010 and posted my own board. You can read all about vision boards and view my first one here:


Well that was 2 years ago and so about a month ago I made up a new one. Actually it was part of a presentation I did for the Manitoba Camera Club on Photographing Babies and Children.

Here it is:

It’s interesting to see what has changed and what has stayed the same. I did get to China,  (which was on my first board) but I still have not gotten to Peru. I put a map of the world on this one but did highlight the 2 countries that I most want to get to: Peru and Greece. Children and Babies were on my last board and I have photographed a ton of them in the last 2 years. They remain a part of what I see as my vision. I got the Rav4 since making up this board! A house with a window light studio is still my dream and I added a new one of those onto the board. I thought a money tree was kind of brilliant. Who wouldn’t want one of those!  I started doing yoga a few months ago and love it, so added the person doing yoga. It’s something that I want to continue. It has been a tremendous help for my back and I love the feeling of peace it gives me, not to mention how much I love the heat! You may notice the men on there.  There is one thing that all the men on both boards have in common; they all have dark hair. And that was not intentional. Just what my brain picked. Wonder if there is a tall, dark, handsome man waiting just around the corner?

The important things are the words. Without joy, wisdom, health and love none of the other things would matter.

So there is my vision for 2012. I would love to hear from anyone who has made up a board. Try it if you never have. It really is an insightful thing to do. And guess where mine is? Right by my computer so that I can keep focused on these things.

I’ll be watching for a special tree with rectangular leaves to grow in my back yard come spring time.

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