Use Your Groupon! (Winnipeg Photography)

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The year of my Groupon is almost up. If you bought a Groupon for my services, you have less than a month to book at appointment. Don’t delay! I would rather you used your Groupon than let it expire. You have until Feb. 8 to make an appointment.

The Year of  the Groupon was very successful for me. I did it for a variety of reasons; one of which was to increase my client base and it did work. I sold about 120 Groupons. I loved meeting all of the new people who I met and all of the children and dogs as well! I’m trying to decide whether to do a Groupon again or to go with Dealfind or one of the other coupon services. What does everything think? Which is the best?

I know some people has criticized me for doing a discount coupon. I know one photographer in particular who gave me a rough time about it. The thing is; he turned around and did 2 a couple of weeks later!! I think before one judges someone else, you need to look at all the angles. I think it’s ridiculous to give away your digital images and I roll my eyes at photographers who offer a Groupon for $29, (which means they get $14.50). And for that $14.50, they offer to travel anywhere in the city and give the client 30 digital images. They are definitely losing money. But maybe, they are starting out and need to build a client base quickly. I still think it’s crazy but maybe it works for them. In fact, the next time I see a deal like that, I am going to buy one for somebody to use, just so I can see the finished work. A kind of “behind the scenes” expose. (exposay)

Anyways, what do you think? Groupon or Dealfind or Swarm Jam or ?????

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