Families on a Sunday (Winnipeg Family Photography)

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Today I had the pleasure of photographing 2 families; one in my studio and one at the Forks; one with older children and one with young children. It was great to meet and work with both.

These kids were super cooperative, as well as being super photogenic. They were hanging out  with their cousin today, so he came along for photos.


Session number 2 was this family of 5, who came in from Winnipeg Beach to get some family photos taken.  Their 2-year old son was not in the mood for getting his picture taken and his mom was concerned that we didn’t get any of the family. As you can see, I got at least one and actually have one more in a different pose that is quite good.

What a beautiful big smile he gave me.

This little girl is quite possibly a  future beauty queen. Look at those eyes!  I loved the light inside at the Forks! 

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