And now… for something a little different (Winnipeg Fashion Photography)

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Most of my business is photographing families and weddings so it was a little different to be shooting models but it was so much fun! I love photographing children but having said that, they do take a whole lot of energy to cajole into having their photos taken. Models want their photos done, so it’s a whole different world.

The event was one that I set up for the Manitoba Camera Club. We rented Level 3 Studios on Tuesday evening and with the help of a fellow member we got the services of some models free of charge through Model Mayhem. The images that I’m previewing are really only the tip of the iceberg. I’m saving some of the ones with the very sexy male models for competition. Did I say they were HOT! Sigh, to be young again!

A very special thank you to Rodney Braun for giving us so much of his time.

We also had a few club members who volunteered to model. WOW! They were also great, as was my very own dog sitter, who may just have a career in modelling in her future.

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