Family Photos at the Ledge (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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It was an interesting afternoon at the Legislative Buildings yesterday. This month is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and “The Slut Walk” is one of the activities that have started in North American cities to bring awareness to the problem of women being blamed for being victims, based on how they dress. I think that it’s great to increase public awareness of this common misconception. How a woman is dressed is not the determining factor on who is targeted by a rapist or predator. Having said that, I hate the name “Slut Walk”. I think it lacks credibility. I think it sounds sleazy. I think the whole concept would be taken more seriously if it had a name that was less shocking. Perhaps the shock value of the name is supposed to help to make a point. I think it fails.

Just my 2 cents.

So there were a ton of people at the Legislative Building yesterday. There were at least 5 wedding parties that stopped by while I was there. There were about 500 people on the front steps. I had a great time with both families that I did sessions for.

I first met these 2 children, aged 2 and 4. The 4-year old was only shy for a few minutes and then warmed up to me but we had to work for any photos of the 2-year old. My best efforts at animal noises and peek-a-boo were ignored by her. So when I saw the image below I was thrilled. Getting her to run and get leaves worked like a charm. I love her curly hair and the sun is the perfect hair light in this image!

Have a look:


My second session was a family of 3. It was the 15th wedding anniversary of this Mom and Dad and they wanted to celebrate by having some photos done. A great idea. I love how D, the mom dressed. What a beautiful outfit and a great combination of colours for the session as well.  I also discovered a new backdrop for sessions at the Ledge; the steps and the columns look great if you move away from them like in the image of D.


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