Kilcona on a Windy Day! (Winnipeg Child Photographers)

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Yesterday was windy and cool but nothing like Friday evening. Both of my sessions were at Kilcona and both were a lot of fun.

My first session was a family with a very delightful 4-year old girl. D smiled easily and was full of fun. She took every suggestion I made and went with it. Lucky Mom and Dad with this good-natured  little one.

The dad had done taken a face plant a week ago and his face had taken a beating. I did some photoshopping and was able to clean it up quite a bit. Ask me about touch ups in photos if you are interested.

Here is the before:

I have the “after” in colour as well but the black and white hides the scarring even more.

What a beautiful smile on this gorgeous girl! 

My second session was with a family of four. These 2 boys were the opposite of the little one in the above photos.  Camera shyness often comes with age and ten-year old boys generally are not anxious to have their photos taken. I got some fun and pleasing expressions none the less. I enjoyed this family very much and loved that they brought their little dog for the session. I’ve had a lot of dogs in sessions lately and I welcome  them. A dog is usually a part of your family and should be in a family picture if possible.

Here’s a preview of session 2:

A cheer for the Jets. Both boys play hockey!



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