More Family Portraits in Kildonan Park (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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I photographed this beautiful family last week but haven’t done the sneak peaks yet. I’ve been backed up on editing because I was trying to finish editing a wedding. The wedding is done and the pictures are amazing! It was a very fun day that my partners and I will remember for a very long time. Holly and Shane are back from their honeymoon and are picking up their DVDs tomorrow. I like to give wedding couples their photos 2 weeks after the wedding. So that is done and its full steam ahead with portrait session editing.

The kids in this family were not too sure about getting their photos taken but I charmed them. What can I say? I love the one of them through the fence; so natural and so cute! I think it’s an image that will be treasured for many years to come. Doesn’t the little guy have the most beautiful eyes?


One thought on “More Family Portraits in Kildonan Park (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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