Keep the Cheese in the Fridge (Winnipeg Photographers)

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I first read the above expression on fellow photographer, Karen Hunter’s site and I love it

Keep the cheese in the fridge. I do not want cheesy smiles in portrait sessions. Many parents ask their children to smile or to say “cheese.” Please do not do that.  A natural smile looks so much better than a cheesy grin.

There is no cheese in this image. It looks real and natural. It’s an amazing capture and nobody told these 2 children to smile or say cheese.


Think about it. Most people are somewhat uncomfortable having their picture taken. Children are no different. And after years of people asking them to smile or say “cheese”  it becomes an unpleasant experience to have their portrait done. It doesn’t have to be that way. Let me direct your child. I have worked with children for over 30 years. I know children. I love to talk to them, to sing with them (I have a terrible voice!), to make animal noises and generally have fun. It is while having fun that I can get pleasing, natural expressions that will result in portraits that really show your child as he/she is. Let me do the work.  I can do it. I can get the results that will make you smile. Now and in years to come.

I so love the above image. It’s priceless. And there is not even a little bit of cheese in it. That’s what I am after. I hope it’s what you want as well.

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