Dressing for fall portrait sessions (Winnipeg Photographers)

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“How should we dress for our photography session?”

I’ve been getting that question a lot lately, so I decided to write a post on the topic. When dressing for any session, it’s important that everyone is dressed in the same colour; whether that is black, white, or navy blue, it really doesn’t matter. Having everyone is the same colours gives a sense of unity to the image and also means that the image becomes more about the subjects faces and less about the clothing they are wearing. The same can be said about wearing stripes, plaids or logos. Stripes can be appropriate in some photos as seen in the image below.

However, when having your photograph taken with fall leaves, you mean want to take the colours of the background into account and add some red, as in the following images.

Notice how the stripes do work in the first image? I love the combinations of colours in it. The brown and the red look wonderful together with the denim and the white. The background, which is Bunn’s Creek Park looks like a painting.

Here is another example of the blending of reds, browns and denim. anot

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