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Although I love it when my clients want to get their photos taken, I also love a challenge and I had a few of those last night. I can understand why someone would not want to get their picture taken and when forced to do so, well…. they just are not happy campers! I can understand why too. Often photo sessions consist of sitting in front of a camera and smiling your best cheesy grin. Go to any department store and you can get that cheesy grin immortalized forever. And never want to get your picture taken again!

So when I have clients who do not want to be there to be photographed, it’s takes a while to get them to warm up, but warm up they do! Almost always and last night was no exception. I believe that a photography session should be about capturing you as you are and about having fun while doing so. My current favorite silly song is…………..The Smurf Song… la lalalalalal la la la lala. Or something like that.

Here is a preview of our fun session at the Forks last night.

And I’m sure Grandma will be thrilled with this photo of her and her 4 grandchildren!

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