Engaging Kids in Play (Winnipeg Child Photographers)

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I think the most important attribute of any child photographer is the ability to engage children in conversation or play. Children often feel cranky and irritable about posing for pictures and the best you can expect from that would be some cheesy grin photos. With my experience in education, I know the value of engaging children in their own learning. It’s hard to force any child to do assignments that they aren’t interested in doing. The same is true of photographing children. If a child is forced to sit for pictures the photos of the child will look like she was forced to sit for pictures.

I always try to engage children in a photography session, much as I try to engage children in learning. During a photo session I let children play, run, twirl, blow bubbles, sing songs etc. It’s the only way to get realistic, natural expressions that reflect who your child is. Please do not ask your child to say cheese or to smile. Let me engage with them and get some natural expressions.

This session that I did yesterday is a perfect example of letting children play and be happy while taking their pictures. These 2 boys were fascinated with some sticks and were working on removing some soil from a tree. I even got Grandma and Grandpa involved as they wanted a pictures with the kids. I love the results!


If you look carefully at this image, you will see the adults watching in the background.

You would never know that this little guy had sore on his face from a big fall.


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