North Western Ontario (Winnipeg Landscape Photography)

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I’ve been doing a lot of landscape photography in the last week. First I spent a night in Kenora, got up at 5:20 a.m;  drove to Rushing River, followed by numerous stops on a  7 hour drive home.  I think Taylor enjoyed the trip even more than I did! I’m sure he found scents that he had never smelled before.

Yesterday I went to a fellow camera club member’s hobby farm and then went on to Steep Rock. I had never been to Steep Rock before but because of the high water on the lake, the cliffs are not nearly as high. I got some interesting shoots none the less.Watch for those images in a post later today.

Have a ton of editing to do but here are a few of the images from the North Western Ontario trip.Which is your favorite? Let me know and why.

This is one of the treasures that I found. I went down some of the gravel roads off the highway and found this amazing spot. I don’t remember which lake it was, but I love it!

This is Taylor at the above spot! He was a very dirty boy by the time we got home and had an immediate bath.

Rushing River. I love the movement in this picture!

The grain elevator in Defresne.


This is a view from my friend Heather’s shore line on the Winnipeg River.

Another shot of Rushing River.

Another stop on the way home.

I loved the combinations of flowers and rocks along the highway.

Another one of Rushing River.

This is  Kenora at about 5:30 a.m.

One thought on “North Western Ontario (Winnipeg Landscape Photography)

  1. Beautiful country we live in. I really like the “rushing river” post. It is more about the tree for me. It’s almost like I can feel the cool misty air blowing up my nostrils. Sigh. My holidays aren’t until September this year. I’ll have to wait. I can’t wait to get out and shoot some more! Cute pup.

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