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This post is written by my niece Shauna, who is a parent and educator. I am reblogging it because I think this is such a good message for parents to hear. I have a huge, bulging at the seams envelope full of notes and cards that parents and students have written to me over the years. Every once in a while, I pull them out and read them. I don’t remember most of the gifts that I’ve gotten over the years but the notes will never be forgotten.

The Gift of Words

Each year around this time, I always have a number of people ask me for teacher gift ideas.  I have always appreciated anything my students have given me.  As an educator I have received my share of mugs, chocolates, flowers and #1 teacher knick knacks. I may also be one of the few around  who has received a Crockpot from a student, with a timer yet!   Another gift that sticks in my mind is a quilt one of my most troubled students sewed for me.  Handmade gifts truly do mean the world.

This week someone asked me what teachers appreciate receiving and although gift cards are always nice, they are certainly not what teacher’s remember most.

Nothing means more to me at the end of the year than a heartfelt message from a parent or student.  These are the gifts I treasure.  Many of the letters and thank you cards I have received over the years are tucked away in a safe place or showcased in my portfolio.  They truly mean a lot to me.

So this weekend I will take the time to have my own children thank their hardworking and dedicated teachers in a homemade thank you card that we will attach to their gift.  I will also be sure to write out my own heartfelt thanks.

I will thank Ms. D, Nate’s kindergarten teacher for her loving, caring ways and the warm, inviting classroom she has created.  I will thank her for teaching my child to share, love learning, take pride in his work and be kind to others.  I will thank her for the part she has played in preparing Nate for Grade 1; confident, proud and ready to learn.  She is all the things  a kindergarten teacher should be.

To Sarah’s Grade 2 teacher , Ms. M I will offer my thanks for being the highly skilled, highly motivating, and highly dedicated teacher that she is.  She is a master teacher in so many ways and I am extremely  grateful that my daughter had the opportunity to benefit from her passion and devotion to education.  I will offer my thanks for the way she honours children, and celebrates learning.

So if you appreciated the hard work of your child’s teacher this year and you are struggling with what to get them….nothing means more than the gift of your words and gratitude!


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