Red River Exhibition Photo Competition (Winnipeg Photographers)

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I knew that the judging for the Red River Exhibition competition was last Thursday, but I never knew how I did until I opened a letter from the Red River Ex about an hour ago. It was so exciting to find out that I had won with a number of entries. One really never knows how one will do in a competition because so much depends on how the judges feel about your entries. The judging gods were kind to me this year. Here is how I did:

First place in projected went to this image.

Second place in projected was this image:

This image won second place in monochrome.

These 2 received honourable mentions; one colour and the other in monochrome.

Although I usually enter competition at the Manitoba Camera Club, there is no monetary reward for those competitions. For this there is a monetary prize, which is an added plus! If you would like to see all the images that are in this competition, visit the new big building at the Red River Exhibition while the Ex is on. All images will be displayed there. Following the exhibition, they will be displayed at   as well.

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