Winning Images (Winnipeg Fine Art Photography)


Last night was the Annual Banquet for the Manitoba Camera Club. We had a lovely meal catered by Ludwig’s Catering from Bird’s Hill. As part of the banquet we always announce the winners and trophies are given out. I was the lucky recipient of 2 trophies. The first one was for this print in the monochrome category. There is a bit of a story that goes with this print. It was taken on a hill side in Calgary during a recent visit. My son, Andrew runs on the trails in this area and had come across this spot with 2 abandoned cars. The 4 of us, Andrew, his wife and son and myself, went on a hike to get to the spot and it was truly amazing to see 2 abandoned, rusted out old cars in the water,  in the middle of nowhere. I would love to know the story of how the cars got there in the first place. One can only imagine. No roads and they ended up in the water. I hope the occupants were alright after this apparent off roading.

This is quite an impressive trophy and weighs a ton! The names on it go back to 1939 and are interesting to read.

The second trophy that I received is one called The President’s Trophy and is given to a club member every year who makes a significant contribution to the club. I am honored to have gotten the trophy and will continue to work on making the Manitoba Camera Club a welcoming and valuable place for people interested in photography to come to.

The following images also placed in the competition.

2 thoughts on “Winning Images (Winnipeg Fine Art Photography)

  1. Wow…congratulations!! You should be so proud of the beauty you find in your photographs and the passion with which you live your life!! Hugs!

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