China in Bloom (Winnipeg Photographers)


You may wonder why I would go all the way to China and take pictures of flowers. There are a couple of reasons. First of all,  it really is an ugly time of the year in Winnipeg with the brown snow and mushy streets. And it’s so beautiful here. Quite a contrast.  Secondly, the flowers here are amazing. Have a look:

Today has been my best photography day of the trip and maybe even from any trip ever. It’s been that amazing! First of all a tree plantation with lots of women in colourful hats picking tea leaves and an old man who looked just like Confucius digging up the ground. Then the largest monastery in China, where I got some wonderful pictures of monks. Thirdly, another park. This one is called West Lake and is in Hangzhou. There are 36 lakes called West Lake in China, so one needs to say where the West Lake is.

We are in Shanghai now and have one last day here in China. Tomorrow will be another busy 14 hour day. It will take a long time to digest all the wonderful sights we’ve seen.

2 thoughts on “China in Bloom (Winnipeg Photographers)

  1. Chris, I saw from your post on Shauna’s site that you’re in China!! You are full of surprises! So I have read your blog posts. You are a lucky gal! The flower pictures are just beautiful. Sounds like you’re having a great time, glad you enjoyed that latte too 🙂

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