China Adventure Part 3

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First some pictures from the Great Wall. The first shows the way up. The next 2 show me on the way up. It was an amazing climb! Loved this day!

We are in Suzhou today. Suzhou is a city with a canal that is 1800 km long. It was built by hand by millions of workers. Many people lost their lives doing the job. The canal is preserved the way it was hundreds of years ago and going on a boat ride on this canal is like going back in time.

We have had Chinese food now for 10 meals in a row.  Lunch and supper every day is Chinese food. It is pretty much all the same and we are getting tired of Chinese food and the regimentation of our days. Someone today said it was a lot like being in summer camp. We certainly don’t have to do much thinking. We get on the bus and go all day long. We don’t need to think about where we are going or what we are eating (Chinese food). We don’t even need to worry about how long we want to stay at the park to take pictures or how much time we want to spend at the Jade store. We only need to show up. I am being facetious because it is getting a bit wearing. The trip is great. We are packing a ton of stuff into our days. More than we ever could on our own. But all choice about the day are removed from us. Makes you think……………….

I had told friends and family that I would stay in touch on Facebook. It isn’t happening because Facebook is censored in China. In case you were wondering.

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