China Adventure (Winnipeg Photographers)

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We are all having an amazing time here in China. I had read a lot of information about China before coming. Some was accurate.  A lot was not. Here is a list of items that I had read and whether they are true or not.

  • People spitting in the street: NOT, have not seen one person spitting.
  • China is dirty: NOT, workers everywhere are cleaning the street by hand.
  • It is crowded: check
  • Traffic is awful: check, 1400 traffic accidents a day.
  • People push: NOT, in fact some North Americas were shoving into the breakfast line yesterday.

There are many highlights so far on this trip but the biggest one is climbing The Great Wall. WOW! That was quite an experience. As soon as I have a few minutes, I’ll upload some pictures of my climb. The climb was not easy. The steps are steep and there is only a hand rail in some places. Some of the steps are worm and crooked. It was a hot day.  But it was so amazing. I climbed the Great Wall! I can hardly believe it.

Other highlights have been the massage 2 nights ago. Like nothing I have ever experienced. The Forbidden City was massive and very impressive. And it was hot that day too. The food is awesome and we are being treated like royalty everywhere we go. But the best part is our guide Michael. He amazes all of it with his knowledge. He seems to have the answer to any question we can come up with and he tells jokes as well. We had one sad incident. A man died of a heart attack at lunch 2 days ago and the tour people paid the entire cost of transporting the body back to Winnipeg.

I can’t say enough about how great this trip is. It is the trip of a lifetime Margaret. YOu were right!

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