China Adventure (Winnipeg Photographers)

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Great Wall, China

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I am off on my China Adventure in 2 days.  I am flying to Beijing and then to Shanghai and will be touring in the area around Shanghai, including Suzhou, the Venice of Asia. I will be going to the Great Wall, Ming’s Tombs and the Imperial Palace. I plan to take a lot of pictures, do a lot of walking and have a ton of fun. I am going with The Chamber of Commerce tour and my friend Wendy, along with a lot of other people. While away, I will be checking email from time to time, but will not make any appointments for photo shoots until I return. That is, except for newborns. I have a couple of moms who are due while I am away and am hoping they don’t deliver too soon. I want to be available for them as soon as I am back. So hang in there please!!

I plan to post on my blog and include some pictures, so check back to see where my adventure is taking me.

The best dog sitter in the city is staying with Taylor while I am away. I am so lucky to have found Nikki.  She really loves dogs and does a wonderful job! Thank you Nikki!!


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