Trying to outsmart the dog (Winnipeg Photographers)

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These are my 2 dogs. One dark, one white, one playful, one serious and one that is very, very stubborn. I’m talking about Taylor, the white one. He is cute, cuddly and as passive aggressive as only a canine can be. He doesn’t get mad, he gets even.


His latest antics are sending me up the wall and I’m trying to fight back. I figure I can outsmart this dog. Sound easy?? Well it’s not. There are 2 behaviours that I’m trying to change. One is his latest pleasure in dumping the garbage can in the bathroom if I ignore him. So last night I was talking on the phone and ignoring him and before I knew it, he had dumped the garbage can. However, I had laid a trap for him and was excited to see if it had worked.  I had put a large measuring cup of water inside the garbage can in the hopes that he would dump the garbage can and get soaked; something that he hates. The joke was on me though, as the items that were in the garbage can were all that got soaked. So much for that plan. I am told that it was the aerodynamics of where I put the water that was wrong. I have a new plan though which I’m going to share in a bit.

The second annoying thing he does, is to jump on my leather loveseat, leaving it full of scratches. My latest attempt at keeping him off of it was to use duct tape and put some duct tape on the couch so that it would stick on him and scare him from ever jumping on it again. Well, guess what? He never once jumped on the duct taped couch and of course, I couldn’t sit on it as it was covered in duct tape.

I have a new plan today. I bought some mac tack and put a sheet of it in front of the garbage can and more of it on the couch. I do not want to hurt the dog. I want to scare him so he stops these behaviours. I’m waiting. I tried to ignore him tonight to make him mad. I want him to go and try to dump the garbage can. I’m  waiting to see if this plan will work. I am sick of picking up stuff from all over the bathroom floor.

What do you think? Do you think it will work? Does anyone have any other ideas besides the obvious one of closing the bathroom door. (Won’t work, as I won’t remember).In the meantime, I’ll keep you posted on whether the mac tack works or not. So far; nothing…..


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