Your Wedding Pictures are a Disappointment; What Now? (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)

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We’ve all heard the story.  The bride and groom decide to use Uncle Harry to photograph their wedding because they want to save money. Or maybe they decide to use a photographer who will shoot their wedding for a lot less than the rest. Money is short and they decide to skimp on a photographer, only to feel sick afterwords when they see their pictures.  Hindsight is always 20/20. How can you be sure to avoid a situation like this?  One thing you can do, is to ask for references from the photographer or ask to see the pictures from one entire wedding that she shot.  You need to feel confident with the person that is going to create a visual memory of your day. You need to avoid feeling disappointed afterwords like the girl that I met yesterday.

This girl’s wedding  pictures were not at all what she had expected and she was visibly upset about it.  She wanted to know if I could help. Of course  I am  doing what I can and I have been able to edit a few of the pictures but it is a time consuming process. The thing that takes the longest is cloning distracting  objects out of  the background; like chairs, overhead hydro lines, cars, people, etc.  It bothers me that this person has had such a bad experience.

Here are some of the ones that I have edited. I am posting the before and after images, so that you can see the difference.

This first one has some very major problems and I spent quite a while on it. Besides all the distractions in the image, it is also very distorted. Have a look at the improved one.

This next image has chairs coming out of her head!  Besides painting over the table and chairs, I put a vignette on it to lessen the effect of the bright chair on her right.

I love this pose but the overhead hydro lines are very distracting, as well as the car on the left.  Such a romantic picture now!

I saw the potential in this image right away but it was quite a bit of work to remove the picture, the hinges on the window, the baseboard on the left, and lighten the bride’s face a little. But what a WOW picture it turned into.

It is always better to get it right in the camera. Correcting things afterwords takes a lot of time. But what does a couple do when their pictures are disappointing? One option is to get dressed up again and get new pictures taken, but those pictures won’t be the ones of your wedding day and nobody will be able to capture the way you felt on your special day 2 weeks later.

If you have a similar story in regards to your wedding pictures, let me know. I might be able to help you as well.

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