My Own List of Awesomeness (Winnipeg Photographers)

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Have you heard of the Book Of 1000 Awesome Things?

I came across it on someone else’s blog and so I’m making up my own list of awesome things. Here are my Top 10 right now:

1. The synchronicity of the Universe. Yesterday I had to cancel a massage during mid afternoon because I was subbing and the person before me had canceled a later massage and so I was able to get that appointment. Coincidence… I don’t think so.

2. The way the grass smells after you cut it.

3. Two dogs laying in bed with you and one of them licking your feet. I love how that tickles!!

4. The twinkle in the eye of a child and even better, getting a picture of that twinkle

5. Connecting with friends that you haven’t seen for a while but it seems like just yesterday that you saw each other.

6. Connecting with friends that you just saw last week but love spending time with and that you can laugh with and act  silly.

7. Seeing a class of kids all involved in their own learning with everyone being on task and you just watching. A powerful sight!

8. The internet. I love the internet. It truly is amazing that we can find out anything we need to know on the internet and connect with friends at the same time.

9. Ice cream. Two scoops, two flavours, both flavours with nuts or chocolate in them and a sugar cone dipped in chocolate and nuts.

10. A glass of red wine and a chocolate bar

11. Having lunch with someone while talking to them on the phone.

12. Making photos with a group of like-minded people. Getting at least one shot that makes your heart skip a beat and you know is GREAT!

13. A brother who is always there for you. No matter what.

14. A friend who will sit with you while you cry and not tell you to stop crying but will listen to you and tell you it’s okay to cry.

15. Coffee. Period. Coffee with chocolate is even better.

Okay, so that is 15. And I could probably come up with 15 more in a few minutes but am leaving it at that right now.

Wondering about others. What would be in your Book Of Awesome? Love to hear from you.

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