Two Dogs and Two Ducks (Winnipeg Pet Photography)

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I live with 2 very adorable guys. They are kind of short and sometimes talk too much. They cost me a fortune in dog food and vet bills, but at the end of the day, they are worth every cent. Look at how cute they are! Mac is a Cairn Terrier and is a ton of fun! He loves to play and is the official inspector of anyone who comes over; one habit that I’m trying to break him of. Taylor is a West Highland White Terrier. Taylor loves to sniff, to bark but mostly he loves to eat! Taylor will just about do anything for a treat!

This evening we went to the lake by my house, where the dogs love to run and sniff and see what’s going on.  Mac is a true hunter. He found two ducks that were on some water that had collected in the field. It was so much fun to watch Mac run right into the water after the ducks. Of course, the ducks flew away, leaving Mac behind, but he enjoyed the chase anyways. Here are a few of the images from today!

The chase is on! Notice Taylor is just watching!

One very wet, but happy dog!

And that was the end of their adventure. Two friends walking together.

If you are interested in any pet portraits, let me know. I love dogs and am always willing to include them in your family pictures. After all, they are a part of your families.

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