Snakes, Planes and Trains(Winnipeg Photographers)

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Isn’t this weather amazing? I was out shooting a couple of times on the weekend.

A group of us went out to the Narcisse snake pits.   I’m not a big fan of snakes but it was fun to see all the kids (and adults) holding snakes and enjoying themselves. Here are a few pictures that I took.

We met these 2 kids who were having fun with a garter snake. The girl was the brave one holding a snake with no fear. Her brother was happy to watch her!

I also went out with a friend to take some pictures around the city. I’m wondering what people think of when they think of Winnipeg. I mean besides the cold and the mosquitoes. lol Let me know what images come to mind when you think of Winnipeg. My friend and I decided on the theme of trains and planes and came up with these. (We left out cars as that makes me think of Detroit.)

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