Photo Albums Boost Happiness (Winnipeg Photographers)

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A recent editorial by Robert Alison in the Winnipeg Free Press talks about the things that have been found to boost happiness. We have all read articles such as this,but this article points to one that I have never read about; looking through a photo album. Here are some of the happiness boosters that Alison talks about and how much they have been found to boost happiness:

wine 14%

chocolate 8%

smiling 58%

thinking about a recent positive event 66%

Looking through a photo album 63%

I have no idea how a researcher would quantify these items or set up this kind of research, but it is interesting that even smiling will make us feel happier! It is also reassuring to me that wine and chocolate boost happiness. But the surprise is that someone included looking through a photo album in the study.

The research was done by Peter Naish at Open University.  Alison quotes him as finding that:

“Looking through photo albums elevates all measures — sense of relaxation, calmness, alertness and sense of being valued,” he says.

I often tell people to be sure to make prints of their digital images. Hard drives crash, and nobody really knows how long a DVD will last. So safety is one reason to make prints. Now we see that looking at them in years to come will boost our happiness.

I see 2 issues here.  Are you preserving those precious memories from when your children are little by having pictures taken and are you getting prints made.

My First Year Club includes a free 8.5 x 11 photo book at the end of the first year.There will never be a year in your child’s life in which your child changes so much. Imagine the high you will get 30 years later when your child is grown up and you look through this book.

I offer digital images from all of my sessions. Please be sure to get prints made from this DVD. Prints last and are so easy and fun to share, besides being wonderful to look back on.

So keep smiling and get those pictures taken of your child. You will never regret that kind of investment!

One thought on “Photo Albums Boost Happiness (Winnipeg Photographers)

  1. Great post and so true. Depsite the digital age we live in I still print hundreds of photos each year and put them into albums. I hope this is one tradition I never move away from!

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