Shannon Kelly Art (Calgary Artist)

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For me, unless a painting makes me see the world in a different and unusual way, it leaves me cold. If someone paints a landscape that looks like it was copied from a photograph, then I would rather have the photograph. But if an artist can make me see the world through their eyes and show me a different interpretation of my reality and if that interpretation moves me and makes my eyes want to linger on it and keep looking for more, then it has meaning for me.  Shannon Kelly’s art moves me. I love it! I believe that her work is inspired by her imagination and spirituality. It has deep meaning. It is rich in texture but also in layers of meaning. It may seem bizarre to compare her work to the series Lost, but that’s what came to mind when I was thinking of an analogy. Both her work and Lost have layers and layers of meaning. It all depends on how deep you want to go.

This is how Shannon describes herself:

Contemporary Canadian artist, Shannon Kelly, creates paintings that are evocative and surreal. A new reality is created with each work of art. Paintings have a three dimensional quality made with several layers of texturizers. Luminous, rich colors bring them to life. In each painting a glimpse of a hidden face, body or landscape may reveal itself. The paintings possess a glance to another world limited only by imagination. Each painting is completely original and tells it’s own story.

Here are a few of her paintings:

If you go to her website, you will be able to read a story that goes with each image, as well as seeing more of her work.

Have a look.  Let me know what you think.

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