Artistic Photography (Winnipeg Photographers)

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A clent recently asked me what artistic photography was.  I guess it can mean different things to different people and it does include a lot of different things. Photoshop has made pretty much anything possible as far as changing a photograph is concerned. I love playing with pictures and seeing how I can enhance or change the original. I did a few new ones today to give myself a break from working on the bookwork. Here are a few of my recent enhancements. Let me know what you think.

In this first one, I change the image to a sepia tone called tea stained and then added a texture layer.  Beautiful couple.

In the image of the cake, I converted the image to black and white and then brought the colour back to the flowers. I love this cake and it was right by a window, which led to all kinds of photo possibilities.

I really played with this one. Her nose looks blurry to me, but the veil was over her nose. I put a cloud layer over the bride and then brought back some of the window frame. She was originally looking out at a golf course. What do you think of this one? Very different!

I love this image of the couple almost kissing. I played with it a lot too. Not sure what I did, but I really like it.

This bride has no idea what is happening behind her, as the bassilica has turned into an endless tunnel. I love the fun aspect of pictures like this.

Those are some of my most recent artistic images. Now it’s back to the books. Yawn, I think I need a nap!!

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