And The Winners Are (Winnipeg Landscape Photographer)

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A week ago I shared my entries into the January Open for the Manitoba Camera Club. The winners have been announce, so I am ready to share with you how I did. Thank you to everyone who told me their favorites.

Honorable Mention went to the graveyard shot. This was in the colour print category. I actually took this picture over a year ago, but it stayed with me and I kept going back to look at it. I worked on it, importing the lens flare from another image and changing the colour and contrast. I also made the sky pink, which one person told me he didn’t care for. I thought it made for a nice backdrop to the bluish grey crosses.


Third Place in the black and white category went to this print of a little girl running at The Forks. I had done a shoot of this family that day. After I was done with the posed pictures, I asked the kids to go and play and said I would keep shooting. That was when I got this amazing shot as well as some others of her and her brother. It just goes to show you that the best images are not the posed ones.


I got a second for this black and white church in Morley, Alberta. My daughter in law had taken me to this church a few years ago to take pictures of it. I got some great shots at that time, but I wanted to go back again. Morley is about 40 minutes from Calgary. So the last time I went to Calgary I decided to go back  to the church. I drove around in circles for quite a while before I found it. If you like photography, this is one place worth driving to.

Leading the way...

And I got a first for this image in the projected category. I took this at Delta Marsh at a workshop in May. It was freezing cold out when we lined our cameras up at the shoreline at sunset. The logs were actually facing the other way, but I did a horizontal flip with them in Photoshop so that the lines of the logs would lead to the sun.

Sunset at Delta Marsh

And that was it. I place in 4 images out of 6 entries, which I was very happy about. Next theme is environmental portraits and I plan a few trips to the north end to see what I can find.

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