Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)


If you are getting married in the near future, you may wonder what you should ask your wedding photographer.

The following  are my  suggestions for questions to ask and also the answers that I would give people.

How would you describe your style?

I like to create images that capture the emotions of the moment. There are many such moments on a wedding day;  the emotion of walking your daughter down the aisle, the loving glances between a bride and groom, the reaction of family members during the ceremony, etc. I usually set up poses that are interactive, in which people are talking, walking, laughing, hitting golf clubs etc. Once people are interacting, I start shooting. I also do traditional poses for family pictures and any other that are requested. I like to add an artistic touch in the digital darkroom to further enhance photos.

Will you have an assistant or second photographer?

I always have a second photographer. It helps to ensure that I am able to capture all the moments of your day.

Do I get the digital images?

All of my wedding couples receive a DVD of the digital images in high-resolution jpegs.

How long will it take before I receive my DVD?

My goal is to get the DVD to you in 2 weeks. It may be a few days longer, but my goal is always 2 weeks.

What equipment do you use?

I use a Canon 7D and a  Canon 40D.  I use  a 24-105,  f4 as my main lens, as well as, a 70-200 f2.8,  a 50 mm lens in low light, and a 12-24 for wide-angle shots.

What happens to my deposit if  our wedding is canceled?

If your wedding is rescheduled to take place in the next year, then the deposit will go towards the new date. If you are not getting married, you lose the deposit. This is because I would have been able to schedule another wedding on that date.

What about if our wedding photographer is ill?

It is not likely that I will miss your wedding due to illness. It has never happened  but it could happen. I am a member of 2 of the cities’ camera clubs, as well as having a daughter-in-law who is wedding photographer. I know a lot of wedding photographers and am confident that I would be able to find a replacement. I would take complete responsibility for finding a substitute photographer of equal skill for your wedding.

How many photos will we receive?

That depends on the number of hours of coverage that you would like.  I would estimate that for 4 hours of coverage, you will receive 600 images. It is hard to specify a  number as a few factors come into play: the weather, images where someone has closed eyes or an awkward expression etc. You will receive all usable images that are shot on your wedding day.

Do you make corrections on photos for blemishes etc?

I cannot correct all photos but will correct blemishes etc. in the ones that either I pick or you pick for correction. I will also soften skin and make other corrections that I think would make the image more pleasing.

What would you say is the most important factor in picking a wedding photographer?

First of all, you need to like the photographer’s style and be confident that she will give you images that are in focus and are pleasing to you. Aside from that, you need to like the photographer. You are going to spend a good part of your wedding day with this person and you should enjoy their company and feel comfortable with them. Good chemistry goes a long way to make the day enjoyable.

What kind of planning do you do for a wedding?

I always scout the location and make a “shot list” of poses and the best spots for them. My partner and I figure out who will be where on the wedding day. I also meet with the couple before the wedding and go over the wedding plans again. If there is a wedding rehearsal, I will attend and find out what the guidelines will be for photos if the ceremony is in a church. I do as much planning ahead of time to save time and minimize stress on your wedding day.

I love to shoot weddings!

Give me a call. I can meet you at your convenience.


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