Busy, Cold and Sore (Winnipeg Photographer)

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Yes, I am behind in my blogging. The reason is that I’ve been shooting, subbing, editing, socializing and then more shooting, subbing, editing and socializing. I’ve had a blast. I hate winter and I hate the cold and guess what? We have winter here and the cold and has come with all of its hardness and bitterness. And sore, that is my back, from all the shooting. So I am so glad that I had a breather today to rest my back and use heat pacs and Advil and not do the cleaning like I had planned to. Also time I caught up on my sessions. These pics will not be previews but catchups.

First of all, I had a family of 3 boys, one grown up but all really fun to work with and very cooperative. Here are a couple of those. I love the candy cane face pic.

Next was a family with 4 children, 3 boys and a girl. The guys were very cooperative and fun but their little 21 month old sister had other things in mind besides sitting for a picture. By the end of the session she was having fun and I did manage to get some really great shots of her. Here are a few of those:

The kids asked me if they could make faces and I love the result.

Next came this super cute one year old.  I had already done M’s picture 3 times and it’s been so much fun to watch him grow. I love his big brown eyes and his sweet temperment.  He even posed naked with my Santa hat. Too cute!! He could be a baby model! I will be using them for sure on my Christmas poster for next year.

I love the sense of wonder in this one.

Louie came along for this shoot as well. My dogs made a lot of noise but were otherwise okay with it.

And then yesterday, I met a very charming 4 year old.  E was not only charming, but as cute as a button as well. I really enjoyed meeting this little guy and his mom.

This shoot was done in the studio. The snow is a filter in Photoshop. I love the effect. You would really think that he is walking in the snow!

That was the end of a great week of shooting. So many fun, cooperative kids. Tomorrow I have another couple of sweeties coming over. I can’t wait.

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