Church in Morley, Alberta (Winnipeg Landscape Photographer)

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Yes there is a church in Morley, Alberta. When I hear of the name Morley,  I always think of the guy on CBC radio, who tells stories and one of the people in his stories is named Morley. I love his voice but I can’t think of his name. What is his name? Anyone out there know?

Anyways, here I am in Calgary looking after my grandson, who turned 8 years old last Sunday at exactly 10:04 a.m.  And that’s the exact time  we started to celebrate. It was a crazy and very fun day.  My son and his wife are in Las Vegas so I get to do what I like all day while my grandson is in school. Since I love to take pictures, I’ve been taking field trips every day to photograph things around Calgary. My most successful day has been the first one when I went to take pictures of the church. This church would make anyone’s pictures look great. The church is neat but it’s the log fence in front of it that gives the pictures  that extra punch. Have a look.

And one postcard type picture taken at Bragg Creek today.

One thought on “Church in Morley, Alberta (Winnipeg Landscape Photographer)

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