Competition Judges, Annie the dog and other stuff (Winnipeg Photographer)

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Well I am back from Calgary to find that Winnipeg is actually warmer than Calgary! And has less snow. Wow! How cool is that? Makes me happy to be home even though I’ll miss the cutest she dog in the world. (More on that later)

I’ve mentioned the Manitoba Camera Club before ( . I’m on the Competition Committee and this month I am in charge of getting the judges for our photography competition. I was kind of worried that I had left it so long and got right to it when I was in Canmore. And I got two very WOW judges!! My niece put me on to this super cool painter whose blog I’ve been reading lately and she agree to be a judge. Her name is Kal Barteski and her blog is:  So that was the first one. Then the second judge I got is Dustin Leader (, who I remember assisting Craig in classes at Prairie View School of Photography.  I can’t wait for the chance to chat with these two and find out more about Kal’s kids and her art show coming up.

Now the dog.  Annie is my son’s family’s newest pet and she is adorable as you will see in the pictures. Not only is she as cute as can be, she is a super sweet and cuddly, and let’s  everyone treat her like she’s a human baby.

Check her out on the swing. This amazing dog stayed in the swing and let us take her picture!

calgary 10 09-323smjpg

Isn’t the green toque adorable on her?

calgary 10 09-305sm

A few cuddles and licks for my favorite grandson.

calgary 10 09-266sm

Annie even likes the cats. Here she is with Juker, who is sharing his couch with Annie.

calgary 10 09-296sm

Finally, I added a Facebook page for my photography;  have a look:

Chris McWilliams Photography on Facebook

Enjoy the day!


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