Fall Portrait Special (Winnipeg Portrait Photographers)

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Does anyone else out there wonder how Google decides on rankings? I must admit to being intrigued by Google World. I typed “Winnipeg Photographers” today and I came up second; that is second on the first page. I am sometimes half down the second page. I must admit that I don’t blog as often as some, but for a while there, I was updating my site continually and blogging more regularly. To tell you the truth, I became a little obsessed with getting first page rankings again. And out of the blue, from no where at all I got first page ranking back. And before I could gloat too much, I was back on the second page. No rhyme or reason to it. I am not complaining today, but tomorrow I may be back on the second page again.

I do have something else to say and that is to let you know about my Fall Portrait Special. For only $50 you will receive a 20 minute photo session and one 8×10 and two 5x7s.  The $50 is due at the time of the session. The pictures can be of one person or a group as large as 5. They can include children, adults or any combination of the above. This special does not include newborns. The fall pics will be done in Bunn’s Creek Park (weather permitting). This special is available for all of October. I am all booked this weekend but have openings after that and my tree expert friend tells me that the leaves will start to change by the first weekend in Oct.

Don’t delay!! Get some great fall pictures done at a reasonable price in beautiful Bunn’s Creek Park. We will have fun. I can guarantee that!

pamphlet sept 09 copy

If you have a newborn or know somebody who does, be sure to tell about my First Year Club.

Call me on my cell at 962-3424 as I am not at home very much lately. I am teaching a delightful class of grade 4 children at ML. And the teacher has given me the go-ahead to teach Art and Writing, so you know what these kids are doing. So much fun and such great kids. Only thing is… I need to get in a few French lessons… maybe tomorrow!


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