Competition Entries (Winnipeg Photographers)

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Summer may be over according to the calendar but Mother Nature doesn’t seem to know that and I hope she doesn’t figure it out for a long time. I love hot weather and I love summer, but one thing that I do miss in the summer is the meetings at The Manitoba Camera Club. So one of the great things about the fall is the return of our regular Tuesday meetings. Anyone is welcome if you have an interest in photography.

Part of the program of the club are monthly photo competitions. I am sharing some of the images that I’m considering entering. Make a comment at the end of this entry and let me know which one is your favorite and also feel free to make any comments and suggestions.

Here they are:


steyr -162 copysm

bastille day (99)asm

steyr  archbwsm

steyr -214avsm

So let me know what you think, and I’ll let you  know how I do. Keep your fingers crossed!!


One thought on “Competition Entries (Winnipeg Photographers)

  1. Hey, i love picture one of the train, three of the eiffel tower, and also the black and white portrait. The best ones for sure.

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