School Portraits, My Way (Winnipeg Child Photographer)

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I can’t believe that summer is almost over and school is about to start. I know the anxiety that kids and teachers have about going back in September. I know the excitement that goes along with getting all of the school supplies and the new outfits when getting ready for school. I also know that all of those new pencils, crayons etc. will be lost if you do not label them. I  strongly advise parents to label everything that you send with your child to school. Put on a movie, grab a glass of wine and a marker and spend a few hours protecting your investment. I can guarantee that if you don’t, you’ll be replacing everything before Christmas. It’s amazing how the floor eats up pencils when kids aren’t looking!!

Every year in September photographers come to schools and take pictures of the kids. I am not knocking the photography services that do this service. At Maple Leaf School, they have 3 photographers taking pictures for about 4 hours. In those 4 hours, they take pictures of about 300 kids, plus about 15 group pictures.  There are usually at least 3 classes in the gym. It is very loud in there and the atmosphere is one of impatience, exhuberance and Let’s Get This Over With. The average time spent per child portrait is less than a minute. The result is often a cheesy grin type of image. The child is not relaxed and the expression is not at all natural. I am offering an alternative.

I am offering 20 minute  portrait sessions for school age children in the month of September for $5o. These sessions will also include one 8×10 print as well as 2 5×7 prints. I can guarantee that your child will feel more free and relaxed, which will result in images with  natural, fun expressions.

Have a look at the two sisters in this poster. I had so much fun taking their pictures. Aren’t they cute?

back to school special copyam 30a


Please note that this price is only for school age children and does not include family pictures. I will be offering fall family pictures in Bunns Creek Park in October once the leaves have changed colours and the mosquitoes are all gone. Watch for more information on this.

Call me at 669-0498 or email me at if you are interested in booking a session. I will be available at various times in September so am not restricting this to any particular time.

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