Wild and Wonderful Wedding (Winnipeg Wedding Photographer)

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Sometimes my job as a wedding photographer is so much fun that I can’t believe I am actually getting paid as well! Last night was one of those times. Jason and Ginette, the couple getting married, know how to have fun and so did all of their guests. It was exactly the kind of photography that I love. Jason has a name for it; NINJA Photography. I wonder if I should advertise using that name. Ninja Photography is about capturing the moment as it happens. And that’s what we did last night. Of course, Jason and Ginette made sure that there were many moments to captures. You can see some of them here.

First though some of the more serious moments.



wedding for blog-1bwsm

wedding for blog-2sm

wedding for blog-4sm

And now some of the seriously funny stuff!!

wedding for blog-11sm

wedding for blog-8sm

wedding for blog-6sm

You may wonder what that is up in the air. It’s the bride’s bouquet. What a great sport she was to take my partner’s suggeston and throw it like a ball. I love Jason’s and Ginette’s intense expressions while throwing the bouquet.

The house you see in this picture is where the wedding was and what a great night for an outdoor wedding.

Happy Honeymoon Jason and Ginette and much happiness in the years to come.


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