Beautiful Young Lady (Winnipeg Photographer)

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I had a busy weekend of photography.  I started out taking pictures of the musical Strike on Saturday. My son, David was playing an extra in it. David is the most camera shy person I know, so this was the perfect opportunity to take his picture.  After that,  I got some pictures at Government House.  A couple of former teachers from ML were there so I got pictures of them in their costumes.  After that, it was off to Max Bell Centre where a gymnastics meet was being held. I don’ t have any of those images ready to post just yet.

Today I photographed a very photogenic young lady in the Exchange District. (Yes, E, you are photogenic).  E was a little hesitant at first and was only doing this so her parents would have a picture of her,  but after a while  she got used to my constant chatter  and questions and was able to almost forget that the camera was aimed at her.

Here are some of  my favorites:

esther (17 of 46)sm bw

esther (5 of 46)sm


esther (41 of 46)bwsm

esther (43 of 46sm)

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