Four Generations of Women


On Saturday I had the opportunity to do a shoot with 4 generations of women in one family.  The images from the shoot will be a wonderful keepsake for generations to come. I was touched  seeing the connection between these women and the love that they have for one another. The first couple of images are just of the women. Hand shots are one of my favorites and I was able to take pics of their hands as well.



The little one year old girl was a doll. She has big blue eyes and beautiful blond hair and a very sweet disposition. I would be very happy to take pictures of her all day long. Her 5 yr old brother was not as camera friendly as she was, but he had a big smile for me in this photo of him with his dad.



2 thoughts on “Four Generations of Women

  1. Hi. I would like to use your first image in one of our advertisements which we are doing as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility activity. We are connected to a NGO who looks after child care, livelihood generation and shelter and food program for elderly in India. Can you please forward me the cost details of the image or whether we can use it for the purpose as mentioned above.

    • Hi Sandip
      sorry for the late reply. Yes, you can use my image for your advertisement. I will look to see if I have the full size image on one of my hard drives. I think the one on my site is a smaller size. I am not going to charge you for this but would appreciate a tax receipt for a charitable donation. Can we make it for $100? If I find the larger image, I will email it to you. The image is from quite a few years ago, so I am not sure if I still can find it.

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