T Family

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I’m sharing some of the finished images of the T Family today. Two delightful children and Mom and Dad. We had a beautiful day in Bunn’s Creek Park, except for some very pesky mosquitoes. My advice for anyone having their pictures done outside is: Spray, Spray, Spray. It’s very hard to think about looking gorgeous if you’re being eaten alive.

Here are some of my favorites:


Aren’t they adorable?  I changed a lot of these images to black and white at the mom’s request, but I love to work at black and white. I feel that It takes away a lot of the distractions like background, clothing etc. and allows the viewer to focus right at the eyes and the personality of the subject.

I had a blast last Saturday night shooting night scenes on top of the planters at Portage and Main with some of my friends at MCC. I can’t wait to work on those images. I also was one of the volunteer photographers at the Nygard Fashion Show. That was quite an experience. Will I ever get to all of these images? Sure, it will just take time and in the meantime, I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.


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